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Annual Forage Insurance

The Annual Forage Insurance Program, under the stewardship of the Risk Management Agency (RMA), is tailored to safeguard your yearly planted forage and grazing crops. Focused exclusively on mitigating the risks associated with insufficient rainfall, this insurance program is an essential tool for farmers and ranchers who depend on regular precipitation to sustain their crops and pastures.

Frequent Questions

What distinguishes AF insurance from PRF insurance?

The primary distinction between Annual Forage (AF) Insurance and Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage (PRF) Insurance lies in their targeted crop types. AF insurance is dedicated to crops planted on an annual basis, while PRF insurance is intended for perennial grasslands used for grazing or harvested for hay.

How does the Rainfall Index affect my insurance coverage?

The Rainfall Index is a crucial component of AF insurance. It measures precipitation levels in your area against historical averages. If the index falls below a certain threshold, it triggers a claim, providing you with compensation for the deficit in rainfall.

Can I customize my AF insurance coverage?

Yes. AF insurance offers various coverage levels and index intervals, allowing you to tailor your policy to the specific needs and risks of your forage production operation.