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Hail Insurance

Crop Hail insurance provides the grower protection against yield reduction caused by hail and/or fire. Other coverages available include transit, vandalism, lightning, fire department service charge and/or stored grain. Optional endorsements are available for wind damage and/or replant coverage.

Frequent Questions

How does Crop Hail insurance differ from federal crop insurance policies?

Crop Hail insurance provides specific protection against hail and fire damage, which can be immediate and localized. It offers the ability to cover the full value of the crop, unlike some federal crop insurance policies that might have certain coverage limits.

Can I choose the amount of coverage for my crops?

Yes, growers can select the dollar amount of coverage per acre, giving them control over the extent of protection based on their individual needs and risk assessments.

What is Companion Hail coverage?

Companion Hail coverage is an add-on designed to supplement federal crop insurance. It covers the portion of your crop value not protected under federal policies, potentially offering a quicker payout before federal insurance would kick in for yield or revenue protection plans.